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Engineered hardwood flooringfor discerning homeowners

Engineered hardwood flooring is a great option for those that want the amazing, classic look of solid wood floors, but not the installation procedures or maintenance requirements. What’s more, this floor covering offers many benefits that make any home a pleasure, right from the start.

These floors make an excellent addition to a variety of décor schemes but do their job when it comes to durability as well. Anyone who loves wood floors will be well pleased with the results of this installation. When you factor in a lifespan that can reach 50 years or more, it becomes even more appealing.

Engineered hardwood floors and their benefits

Engineered hardwood floors offer all the beauty and style that comes from real wood. The product starts with a base of wood plies with a veneer of beautiful real hardwood on top, followed by a protective wear layer. This provides a great package deal that includes stability, functionality, beauty, and protection.

The veneer itself is available in a variety of species options which you can personalize with your choice of stain colors and finishes for a unique floor covering. The protective wear layer assures that no matter how busy the homeowner’s lifestyle, it protects again scratches, scuffs, stains, and water-spots, especially if proper maintenance and care are kept up.
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Hackensack, NJ from MP Contract Flooring
When engineered flooring is considered, it's important to note that unlike solid hardwood, it can be installed in below-grade spaces and, depending on the location and the home, may or may not require acclimation before installation. When in doubt, always follow the manufacturer's protocol for this.

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