What is herringbone hardwood flooring installation?

What is herringbone hardwood flooring installation?

When you choose solid hardwood flooring, you’ll find extensive ways to personalize it to meet your needs in every room. From beauty to performance to lifespan, there’s something for everyone in this product line.

Installation layout has a lot to do with creating the best look. Consider a herringbone installation if you want an exciting and trendy design.

The anatomy of a herringbone installation

A herringbone layout starts with rectangle planks that are the same and then laid at 90-degree angles to create the tell-tale pattern everyone loves. It is renowned for its finished look that matches many wood flooring décor schemes.

The name comes from the Herring fish and its skeletal layout, offering asymmetry pleasing to the eye. We can lay the herringbone with the points running along the longest flooring direction or pointed towards a specific focal point.

The benefits of herringbone installation

Choosing this installation layout brings many benefits, including a hard-wearing, durable surface that can increase the floor’s lifespan. But it’s also easy to maintain, which means you’ll spend less time cleaning it and more time enjoying it.

This installation pattern can also increase the value of your home, and our hardwood flooring company offers options that allow it to boost the matter even more. Together, they create a fantastic investment that can last more than 100 years.

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