We make it easy

The Building, Flooring and Design Pros who run a business simply have too many responsibilities. They are under intense pressure to attract and keep customers, control their costs and turn a profit; nonetheless, a good part of their time is spent on the job or in the back office.

Our approach to business, substantial inventory, free samples / marketing materials and various services allow the professional to focus on their "expertise" while positioning them to compete effectively, win sales and grow their business.

Free up your time

  • SSP/Showroom Selection Plan - Allows your clients to make selections with flooring professionals while you are on the job. This permits you to take your evenings back.
  • Eliminate multiple stops with our extensive tool and supply offering.
  • Our Pro Shop style service counters allow for quick in and out visits.

Reduce your overhead

  • SSP/Showroom Selection Plan - Eliminates the need for a costly showroom.
  • Our warehouse and storage service eliminates the need for a costly warehouse.
  • Our extensive supply offering eliminates the need to buy in bulk.
  • Our delivery service saves you from buying or renting a larger truck or van for oversized deliveries.

Generate Profit dollars

  • SSP/Showroom Selection Plan - Allows you to make a reasonable profit while you are doing what you do best.
  • Quick Quotes - This service shops all available sources for the lowest cost when an item is not inventoried or stocked at General Floor.
  • Free samples / Huge inventory - Make it possible to sell “next day” installations for “immediate need customers” that would otherwise result in a lost opportunity.
  • Our Bi-Monthly specials allow you to save on products you use every day.